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The Best Places to See in Andalucía – Part 2

Andalusia has so many places of great beauty for the visitor to discover, from outstanding architecture to beautiful natural landscapes. In this blog we continue our tour of Andalusia to uncover its best jewels that are must-see places for the traveler.

Sacra Capilla de El Salvador

Sacra Capilla de El Salvador

Our first discovery is in Ubeda and is the beautiful Sacra Capilla de El Salvador. The chapel is a fine example of the best of Ubeda Renaissance architecture. The chapel was commissioned to be built by Francisco de los Cobos y Molina to act as his family tomb. The one noticeable architectural fact is the vast difference between the interior and the exterior of the building. The outside of the chapel is highly decorate, which is in stark contrast to the somber interior designed by Diego de Siloe, who was the designer of the great Granada Cathedral.


To see one of the great 10th Century fortresses in Spain you will need to travel to Almeria and visit the Alcazaba. The vast structure looms over the nearby landscape with massive curtain-like walls emerging out of the cliffs. It was once one of the most important fortresses of the Moors in the whole of Spain and Alcazaba grandeur reflects this. Alcazaba is what you would consider is a true fortress rather than a castle or a palace and it has largely survived in good condition. It is hard to compare Alcazaba with something that it as ornately decorated as Alhambra but that is its beauty. The vast fortress can be seen from almost anywhere in the city and it certainly dominates the beautiful skyline of Almeria.

Parque de Maria Luisa

Parque de Maria Luisa

Seville is a stunningly beautiful city; the architecture and the buildings are of the highest quality with many Moorish influences. The Parque de Maria Luisa is an oasis of green to take time out of your sightseeing and to relax. The grounds of this great city park are extensive with shady paths winding their way through leafy trees. Not only does the Parque de Maria Luisa offer some fantastic flora to observe, it also contains some notable buildings, fountains, ponds and plazas. Make your way to the Plaza de Espana to find within its vast brick and tile construction marvelous mini-canals, flushing fountains, and pictures of the Spanish provinces depicted on colorful tiles. A great idea is to hire a small boat and meander among the canals.

Castillo de Santa Catalina

One of the finest castles in Spain can be found in Jaen, the Castillo de Santa Catalina. The whole importance of this castle during the Muslim and Reconquista periods was its strategic position. The monumental structure is placed at the top of the cliff of the Cerro de Santa Catalina. The original Moorish castle was later updated by the Christians and what is left today is only about a third of the original fortress. Unbelievably the other two thirds of the original structure were demolished for a hotel! The Castillo de Santa Catalina ends our tour of the best things to see in Andalusia and the places visited define just how beautiful this part of Spain really is.