Year: 2018

The Best Places to See in Andalucía – Part 2

Andalusia has so many places of great beauty for the visitor to discover, from outstanding architecture to beautiful natural landscapes. In this blog we continue our tour of Andalusia to uncover its best jewels that are must-see places for the traveler.

Andalusia and the Spanish Civil War – Part 3

The third and concluding part of our series to see the effect that the Spanish Civil War had on Andalusia and other Spanish states ends with the conclusion of the war. Certain towns and areas declared themselves partisan to one side or the other, and the demographics of political ideology was becoming regional.

Andalusia and the Spanish Civil War – Part 2

The second part of our series describes the effect the Spanish Civil War had on Andalusia and explores how the towns around the area got by with the build up to the Civil War, and what sparked such a devastating conflict between fellow Spaniards. King Alfonso XIII King Alfonso XIII, in the early years of […]

Andalusia and the Spanish Civil War – Part 1

Spain’s darkest hours are still fresh in the memory of many who had family members who fought in the conflict and are still living, and that is why honoring the many who perished in the conflict is still a delicate concern. This is far different than remembering the dead of WWI or some other past […]

The Wine of Granada – Part 2

Hitting the headlines in the wine world in the last fifty years or so have been the wines of the Granada region and southern Spain. The Andalusian countryside has become scattered with many small vineyards during the past few decades and cities such as Granada, Malaga, Jaen, Cordoba, Cadiz and Seville are leading the way […]

Things to Do and See in Granada – Part 2

The second part of our exploration of marvelous Granada will visit even more grand places including the great cathedral and the royal chapel. Already in part one we clambered on the ramparts of Alhambra and visited the old Arab part of town, but now it is time to take a better look at Granada Cathedral.

Best Cafes in Granada

Cafe in Granada

Spain is known for a lot of things, but coffee isn’t one of them. However, there are many great cafes and coffee shops in the area that serve amazing coffee and tea. As more and more people are starting to visit Granada, cafes are steadily popping up all over Granada and with good reason. Granada […]

Things to Do and See in Granada – Part 1

If you are thinking of visiting the great Spanish city of Granada, then you really ought to spend at least one week so you have the time to explore all its marvelous buildings and sites of interest. This post is designed as a sort of Granada Bucket List and concentrates on the most must-see things […]

The Food of Granada – Part 2

We continue munching our way through the fantastic food of Granada and will taste even more delightful dishes that have helped to form the cuisine of this great historical city in southern Spain. We start the second part of our culinary journey with a dish called Olla de San Anton. Olla de San Anton A […]