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Andalusian Cuisine: Migas

Andalusian Cuisine: Migas

An old Andalusian saying tells that ‘Breadcrumbs are eaten twice’. And this the truth because dried white bread left from yesterday is very cleverly used here to make new dishes out of it. In Andalusian bakeries, you can buy a bag with older slices of dried bread, and in the supermarket, next to the packs […]

The Magic Easter Week in Andalusia

The Magic Easter Week in Andalusia

Many travelers usually visit only the major cities of Andalusia such as Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, or Granada. But turning to the depths of the region, one can find unique, time-frozen towns and see breathtaking traditions. Little Villages and Their Traditions It is worth visiting the typical Andalusian villages such as Antequera. White houses, church towers, […]

The Best of Andalusia: Corrida and Flamenco

Wherever is the situation, if someone mentions Spain, the first four things that came to everyone’s minds are siesta, fiesta, corrida, and flamenco. Well, sleeping before all night long party is a common thing, so siesta and fiesta are clear terms. However, corrida is a questionable concept and flamenco might be understood as traditional Spanish […]

The Legends of Granada

Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus may be best known for the man who found the United States of America, but he also holds a special place in Granada’s history. Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, arriving in Spain some 34 years later. He had an idea to find new and faster silk and spice routes […]

Andalucia’s Most Stunning Villages

There’s no shortage of interesting history when it comes to Andalucia. The ancient region is known for its spectacular gastronomy, breathtaking landscapes, wonderful people, and the most gorgeous little towns in all of Europe. Many of the villages have seen a huge amount of tourism, but there are some that remain an escape from the […]

What You Should Know Before Your Trip to Granada – Part 2

Artistic and bohemian reputation Granda, unlike its Andalucian rival Seville, is known for its bohemian aesthetic and a certain louche ambience. Should you choose to take a walk down Calle Elvira, for instance, you’ll see just why that is. Granada appeals to those wishing for a bohemian, devil-may-care lifestyle, although the reason for that remains […]

What You Should Know Before Your Trip to Granada – Part 1

It can’t hurt to do a little a little bit of research before you make your way to Granada. It can only help you make the most of it, in fact. Granada has a one-of-a-kind reputation in southern Spain- not simply due to its Moorish heritage but also due to it being regarded as a […]

The Best Museums in Granada

Thanks to its colourful and rich history. there are few places in the world more qualified than Granada to provide you with the opportunity to learn something new. No matter what you’re into, there’s bound to be a museum here to appeal to your interests and passions. Here is just a small selection of Granada’s […]

The Best Places to See in Andalucía – Part 2

Andalusia has so many places of great beauty for the visitor to discover, from outstanding architecture to beautiful natural landscapes. In this blog we continue our tour of Andalusia to uncover its best jewels that are must-see places for the traveler.